Two incidents, one beach, one day

When young Ethan took a tumble while on holiday in Looe and Cornwall's Air Ambulance out on a mission, Devon's Air Ambulance was deployed to attend him. In the same day, Brian had a medical incident so Devon Air Ambulance was deployed to the same beach. Read more

A sticky situation in the mud

At the 2019 Met Office Charity Day, Senior Project Manager, Sarah Gooding, shared her airlift story of her February fall. Read more

A horrible fright but a reassuring night flight for little Lottie

When her young daughter sustained serious burns, mum, Amy, took swift action before Devon Air Ambulance arrived on the scene thanks to a new night-ready community landing site. Read more

More than pride hurt in horse fall

When Sammy took a tumble from her horse Devon Air Ambulance has been there to help - twice! Read more

How the Dragonboat Festival helps our patients

Five years ago, former patient, Jack Smiddy, championed his brother's team at the 2015 Dragonboat Festival, which was raising money for Devon Air Ambulance following the serious motorbike accident that changed Jack's life forever. Read more

Promise for Paige

When patients require regular assistance, sometimes only the Air Ambulance can get there in time. Read more

Twins double up on airlifts

Every parent dreads their child needing emergency medical care, but these parents' twins doubled up on the drama by both needing an airlift... Read more

A crash that inspired a new career

Devon Air Ambulance paramedics treat around 1,200 patients a year, many of whom will be airlifted to hospital. Statistically, the charity hears from about 15% of these patients, and it can be days, months or even years later as Daniel's story attests. Read more

A sting in the tail

A holiday lost its buzz when Noel fell foul of an angry wasp, requiring swift medical intervention. Read more

When a camping break becomes a break while camping

Mike was camping near Salcombe when a slippery slope changed his holiday destination. Read more

Stuck in the mud - no fun for Angela

Angela Major was taking a scenic walk with her son when a miss-step out them both in a bit of a predicament. Read more