We respect our supporters’ data and we adhere to legal changes brought in by GDPR, which replaces the Data Protection Act. Therefore, our sponsors and supporters can feel reassured their information is protected by us.

The continued support of those who lend their time and energy to the charity is very important to us, which is why our supporter promise is at the centre of everything we do:

  • We don’t share or sell any of our supporters’ data
  • We treat our supporters as they wish to be treated
  • The only mail we send out is our Helipad magazine up to four times a year to keep our supporters up to date with our activities and local interest
  • We send monthly eNewsletters – only to supporters who have asked to receive them
  • We don’t authorise anyone to go door-to-door on our behalf
  • The only representatives from the charity who may ask for your personal information are our lottery canvassers, but only if you choose to join

If you have any questions about our supporter promise or how we look after your data, please do contact us and we would be happy to answer your questions.