A little bit about fuel

Ever wondered how much fuel a mission might burn? Aircraft Engineer, Jeff Glover, has the answers to your burning questions.Read more

Why we charge for donated items

Raising funds for the charity is the obvious answer. Find out more...Read more

The lifecycle of your donated item

We want to extend the lifecycle of each item donated to us to sell in our shops as far as possible to raise the funds we need to serve the people of Devon. Here's how we do it.Read more

Our 5 Year Strategic Plan - a short overview

Our strategic plan underpins the direction of our organisation. It helps us work together to hit the targets that will enable us to achieve the very best outcomes for our future patients.Read more

Answers to your questions about Wills

Wills are not a comfortable topic to think about and 70% of the UK population do not have one... We debunk some Will-writing myths.Read more

Why we don't sell data

Good governance and transparency are the cornerstones of running a charity which relies on public donations according to Heléna Holt, our Chief Executive.Read more

What our clinical advances mean for patients

By getting together with other teams from across the emergency services, we are better able to learn from experience and improve patient care.Read more

On International Women's Day we asked our staff about the women who inspired them

At Devon Air Ambulance we know that equality improves life for everyone, so we wanted to embrace the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women whose passion has helped to inspire our teams in their own lives. Here’s who they nominated and why...Read more

Exeter Grow Magazine accolade for Air Ambulance Chief Executive

This International Women’s Day we’re proud to celebrate the achievements of our own Chief Executive, Helena Holt.Read more

10 top flying-themed songs

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5 safety tips for motorcycle riders

Our annual Motorcycle Ride Out is one of most well supported events. We want our riders to stay safe on their fundraising journey and here's how.Read more

Top 5 Dragon Boat Races from around the globe

Our annual Dragon Boat Festival is one of our most eagerly anticipated fundraising events. Here are a few of our global rivals...Read more