Devon Air Ambulance recognises that our world is facing a serious and urgent threat to climate change. The journey towards environmental sustainability is ongoing, but sadly it is not something which can be resolved instantly. Instead it is about making a meaningful commitment to address the reality of climate breakdown, by acting to radically reduce carbon emissions. 

Devon air Ambulance is proud to endorse the Devon Climate Declaration  

The Declaration has been prepared by a consortium of public, private, and voluntary organisations collaborating through a Devon Climate Emergency Response Group. It sets out an ambition to tackle climate change that covers all of Devon, including those people who live, work in, and visit our county, and those businesses who are based or operate here.   

The charity is aware of the significant implications of climate change for Devon’s communities and the visitors served, and have agreed the ambition to tackle climate change in Devon by examining how we can mitigate environmental impact, to improve the health and wellbeing of current and future generations and signing the Climate Emergency Declaration.   

By scrutinising and assessing all aspects of the organisation, coupled with reviewing how combined actions across the charity can ameliorate our impact, the aim is to inspire a dynamic cultural and philosophical ethos across the Devon Air Ambulance. 

Helena Holt, CEO said:  

We take very seriously our commitment towards Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship, as outlined in our strategic plan.  It is essential that we play our part in working towards achieving the 45% drop in carbon emissions required globally by 2030, if we are to reach net-zero by 2050 to avoid the worst effects of climate change by keeping warming below 1.5 degrees.  As a charity that cares for the health of those we serve, we recognise that our ability to deliver our service effectively is very much subject to the impact of climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse. We are fortunate, therefore, to have a highly-motivated workforce that is entirely behind the strategic goals set out to achieve this.

Devon Air Ambulance has a commitment to the Devon communities to continue to advance greener solutions in all aspects of work.  

Head of Facilities & Risk, Jonathan Osmond said:  

So that we can publicly report on our emissions annually, we are currently shortlisting specialist independent consultancies to audit our emissions, helping clients to achieve better environmental and commercial outcomes. For the past year we also have established an in-house ‘Green Team’, featuring representatives from across the charity who assemble regularly to evaluate all aspects of the organisation to see how we can creatively respond to the challenge in our work.   

'We recognise the extent of that challenge and the near-term and future risks of climate change for Devon, we look forward to rising to it and engaging the communities we serve in our progress.'

Our life-saving service is made possible only thanks to communities across and beyond Devon whom we serve. Thank you for keeping us attending. We welcome your continued support. 

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