How is Devon Air Ambulance funded? The £7.5 million it cost to keep Devon's Air Ambulances flying last year was raised thanks to our supporters; we are 100% independent of Government and National Lottery funding. 

Our Critical Care Service is only made possible thanks to those who lend us their support in a variety of ways. For this reason, Devon Air Ambulance is very much a charity that is made possible by the people of Devon, for the people of Devon.

2018 Annual Report

The most up-to-date information relating to how we are funded is available in our 2018 Annual Report.  

Our key income streams come via:

We are also very fortunate that we are so well supported by a community of 600+ volunteers who generously donate their energy, skills, knowledge and time to us.

Their contribution in the form of events support, box collecting, delivering talks, office and retail support, driving and warehouse contributions, is incalculable.

If you would like to read more about how Devon Air Ambulance is funded, then our Annual Report will give you a detailed breakdown of our income and expenditure, as well as how we plan for the future of the charity. 

Read the 2018 Annual Report