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'I chose the Devon air Ambulance for my work experience because I'd like to become a paramedic in the future. I’m also very interested in the charity and this week I learned a lot more about it and the all the different roles staff do which helps the Air Ambulance run.

'I have been set lots of tasks, which have allowed me to experience various roles and it’s helped me to realise how much work there is. Also, how much the volunteers do and are needed within the charity. Volunteers are also very highly valued by staff who all appreciate how much they do for the charity.

'I have been helping with the box collector mailout and packaging t-shirts for the Motorcycle Ride Out. I have also spent a day with the Operations department, helping them with the night landing site maps, and getting posters ready to send out in the post to the Ambulance stations. I also went to the airbase and I was lucky enough to be shown around the helicopter, talk to a paramedic and see the Air Ambulance take off. As well as all this I also went to a charity shop and helped for the morning.

'I enjoyed visiting the air base and talking to paramedic, Lee, the most, but I have enjoyed the whole week as it's given me a lot of experience  working with others. I feel maybe I could try not to be so shy and remember I can always ask questions. Everyone has been friendly and welcoming and made me feel comfortable.

'I think working in an office is maybe not for me, I think I would prefer to be out and about and working with people, but my experience with the Air Ambulance has helped me begin to decide about my future. The day I spent with operations and seeing the Air Ambulance, all the equipment and talking to a paramedic has made me realise that I think that’s the career path I would like to choose.

I have learnt a lot about the background of the Air Ambulance, also some of their future plans and how much they do for the people of Devon, but also how much the people of Devon do for the charity.

This has made me realise that I could maybe do more for the charity and volunteer myself in the future.'

As Jas says, we are immensely proud of our volunteers and all the incredible work they do for the charity. Would you like to volunteer for us? Read more about it here!