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A site for young people, parents, teachers and group leaders to learn about and get involved in supporting Devon Air Ambulance

Fundraising can be enormous fun and there are many inventive and creative ways to raise money for charity. Child-led fundraising also helps young people to learn new skills such as:

  • How to collaborate with others
  • Ways to brainstorm and generate ideas
  • How to plan and strategise
  • Building organisational approaches
  • Developing promotional skills
  • Enhancing numeracy, literacy and IT skills

With the support of a school or learning environment, young people are very adept at taking ownership of an activity and bringing their enthusiasm and inventiveness to tasks.

Find out more about some possible starting points for getting involved below.

Fundraising IdeasBe a HeroBake Off for Take OffTell us about your event

Students from Teign School making a theatrical fundraising effort in 2018.