How the support of Trusts and Foundations helps our service

Anyone can find themselves in need of expert and timely medical care. But whether a medical or trauma-related incident, Devon Air Ambulance's lifesaving service is there for our patients every day of the year. 

We are proud to be independent of government funding. Devon Air Ambulance is driven by a set of specific needs, such as the unique demographics, geography and terrain of the county. Our independence allows our highly-skilled clinical staff to enhance the service’s capabilities and our team to receive additional, specialist training, which enables them to deliver an increased range of clinical interventions and procedures as well as prescribing.

Trusts and Foundations are highly valued contributors towards Devon Air Ambulance and we are so grateful to the grants that make a lasting difference to our service and to those trustees who have lent us their support, which assist with the core costs of the charity, our operating costs, kit, equipment and patient support. 

Work with us to make a real difference

We build unique partnerships with different Trusts and Foundations as each has specific interests and aims that we wish to support in turn. Wherever you would like to lend your focus, your help keeps us at the frontline of saving lives. For example:

  • You might wish to support a particular piece of essential lifesaving equipment, such as the Hamilton T1 ventilator (£17,000). When a patient isn’t breathing for themselves, either after we have delivered an anaesthetic, or when they have suffered a cardiac arrest, this device ensures the patient’s lungs are ventilated without the need for us to manually deliver breaths to the patient.
  • You could pay for the medical staff and crew needed for a transfer. Crew may consist of a pilot, and two paramedics - or a paramedic and a doctor. 
  • You could pay for a new uniform and kit for a member of our crew, which can add up to over £2,000 per crew member.

How we will support you

We are extremely grateful to Trusts and Foundations whose ongoing support enable us to continue to undertake hundreds of missions every year.

From Devon Air Ambulance you can expect:

  • Regular updates and reports so you can see the impact of your contribution.
  • The chance to join our crew at the airbase to learn more about our story and our work.
  • The committed support of our Philanthropy Manager. 

For more information about how to become one of our partner Trusts or Foundations, or to understand more about our donations policy, please contact Ally Bennett, Philanthropy Manager - +44 (0)7904 970 408, [email protected].