Our Board has approved the following declaration and endorses the Devon Climate Declaration.

Head of Facilities & Risk, Jonathan Osmond said: 

So that we can publicly report on our emissions annually, we are currently shortlisting specialist independent consultancies to audit our emissions, helping clients to achieve better environmental and commercial outcomes. For the past year we also have established an in-house ‘Green Team’, featuring representatives from across the charity who assemble regularly to evaluate all aspects of the organisation to see how we can creatively respond to the challenge in our work. 

While we recognise the extent of that challenge, and the near-term and future risks of climate change for Devon, we look forward to rising to it and engaging the communities we serve in our progress.


Devon Air Ambulance recognises that our world is facing a serious and urgent threat of climate breakdown, which would have catastrophic consequences for life on earth. This is the biggest crisis of our time.   

Our commitment  

We have a responsibility to future generations, our future beneficiaries and supporters, to take decisive action in order to support the global transition to net zero emission. We recognise that, in common with almost all organisations, our current activities are contributing to climate change.   

These are our commitments for 2021-2022: 

  • Endorse the Devon Climate Declaration 
  • Research and quantify our current carbon footprint 
  • Identify ways we can reduce our carbon footprint  
  • Encourage and support our people to reduce their personal environmental impact 
  • Research responsible options for offsetting  
  • Investigate and understand the climate impact of our investment policy  
  • Develop and publish a Climate Change Action Plan for achieving Net Zero including a date by which we plan to achieve it 

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