Devon Air Ambulance is now an official champion of the Charity Digital Code of Practice, which aims to help charities increase their impact by supporting the development of digital skills and knowledge. This enhancement supports charities in becoming more sustainable, so they are not left behind in a radically advancing digital climate.

Enhanced digital knowledge and skill across teams helps charities to become more efficient and therefore to make more of an impact on the causes they champion. The code is here to help charities transition fully into the digital age.

Do you represent a charity?

As a champion of the Digital Code of practice we are keen to help support colleagues in the charities sector by encouraging them to engage with how to become more sustainable and collaborative through digital engagement.

The code aims to create a level playing field, helping organisations that are worried about lack of budget or skills to understand what they need to do. There’s no obligation for charities to take up the code, which is completely voluntary, but it’s also free to access and open to all registered charities.

How the Code will support those we help

“The wants, needs and online behaviours of beneficiaries and other stakeholders should be the starting point for everything the charity does digitally.”

This code will support charities in becoming more relevant and accessible to those they help and will generate new opportunities for funders and fundraisers to get on board with a charity’s digital activity.

Find out more detail about the Code here. There are versions of the code for both small and large charities.