This article relates to May 2021. Please refer to the latest news for current updates

The Devon Air Ambulance shop is set to reopen on Monday 10th May, 2021 and we are thrilled to finally open our doors to the local community once more.  Despite several attempts to return to the town over the past year, efforts were thwarted by not one flood, not two, but three floods in the premises on Market Street. 

The shop originally opened in November 2015 and since then has never seen such an eventful year as the last one. On 13 Jan 2020 water flooded into the shop from the premises above and damaged everything below. Not only was the ceiling soaked through, but the fixtures, fittings, floors and walls were all affected leading to an extensive clean up and refit operation.  

The shop team didn’t let this dampen their spirits and eventually, the shop was ready to open. Unfortunately, by then, another more widespread obstacle stood in its way – Covid19. While this shop had been closed for refurbishment those around them had also been forced to close while lockdown number one was underway. 

Repairing the damage

It was a waiting game until the lockdown restrictions for the retail sector were finally lifted in July 2020 and the DAA shop re-opened its doors, welcoming supporters of the life-saving service and those that had kindly held onto their unwanted items, ready to donate when the time came.  

Little did the team know that just 10 weeks later they would face a repeat of their first disaster and on 19 Sept another torrent of water flooded the shop for a second time. This was a tremendous blow for the team and the amazing volunteers who had returned under strict Covid-safe conditions to help get the shop get back to its usual busy pace. Once again the team waited while their much-loved shop underwent works to rectify the damage caused.  

The shop remained closed for a further 4 months and the team patiently waited for the lockdown restrictions on retail to lift – sadly, before this happened the premises was struck again with water damage on the 25th January 2021, this time from a different source.  

Third time lucky?

After a cacophony of repairs, reconstruction and refurbishments over the past year, the Tavistock Devon Air Ambulance team is keen to welcome supporters back after so long and are keeping everything crossed for a successful opening this month. The shop is full of new fixtures and fittings and will be open for browsing with all the necessary Covid-safe measures in place.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Devon Air Ambulance shop, call in to speak to the Shop Manager Netty, who will be happy to chat more about how you might be able to help or contact Volunteer Manager Cara at [email protected].