Our shops will be re-opening on Monday 12th April

Donating to our shops safely

We know that during lockdown you have been busy sorting out your cupboards and wardrobes and we would love you to donate your no-longer-needed items to us. However, we have had to make some changes to our donation process to make sure that we are ‘Covid Secure’You can be comfortable knowing that Devon Air Ambulance have followed all the relevant government guidelines to ensure the safety and protection of our staff, volunteers and customers.

Step 1

Prepare your donations

When preparing your items to bring to our shops, please make sure they are completely saleable and not damaged, incomplete or broken – a simple test is to ask yourself – would I buy it? 

Making these checks will help us to minimise the number of unsaleable items we may have to dispose of in our council bins – this will cost the charity money which is something we really want to avoid. 

Review the full list of items we are unable to accept

Due to restrictions put in place by our recyclers we are also unable to accept any items that are not completely fit for purpose - these include broken electrical items which we would usually be able to recycle but currently cannot, therefore a cost would be incurred by the charity in disposing of them. 

Please make sure your donations are placed into bags and boxes that can also be donated – we will not be able to return your boxes/tubs or bags as we normally would if requested. 

Step 2

Book a delivery slot

Book a delivery slot! Contact your local shop by telephone or by messaging them on their own Facebook Messenger page to arrange a suitable time to drop off your items either by car or by hand. 
If you have a large number of items to donate, we would much prefer you to book more than one delivery slot as this will help us to manage the quantity of donated goods arriving in the shop at one time. 

Step 3

Arrive at the shop at the agreed time

Arrive at the shop at the agreed time and please be aware of the following:

  • We will not be able to handle your donations so we will ask you to kindly place your donations directly into the designated cages available.
  • If you are a Gift Aider we will scan your gift aid tag, print your unique stickers and ask you to attach them to each bag or box that you have donated. If you are eligible to be a Gift Aid supporter – we will be able to sign you up when you visit. 
    Social distancing measures will be in place so please be considerate of that when visiting us. 

Finally, thank you for thinking of us and holding on to your donations until it was safe to visit our shops. Your support and understanding of our new processes is very much appreciated by us all – our shop teams will do their very best to make your visit as easy as possible. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not be tempted to leave ANY DONATIONS outside of our shops or in our doorways. Due to strict quarantine guidelines, these items cannot be touched by us and therefore Devon Air Ambulance will not be beneficiaries of anything left outside. The local council will be called to collect and dispose of them and the act of leaving it will be considered fly-tipping which is illegal.