Lottery membership is really straightforward:

  • Play for just £1 per lucky number per week. You could win a top prize of £1,350, two second prizes of £135, or one of 10 runners up prizes of £50.

  • You can have a maximum of 20 entries (£20 a week)

  • On average, 76p in every £1 is donated back to the charity from each membership, with the remainder covering prizes and overheads

  • You can renew or upgrade your membership by calling our team on 01392 469886. If you would like to upgrade online you can now do this easily and securely online.

  • Each week your lottery membership number is entered into the draw. Winners are drawn at random by specialist software. We will phone you if you are one of our 3 top prize winners and then write to you with your cheque. You can check your results on our website each week.

Take a look at the Rules of Play

Former patient, Roderick Hayes, was approached by one of our Lottery canvassers in his local supermarket in 2018. Not only did he win 1st prize, but 3rd prize two weeks later!

I was so grateful to DAA for my speedy flight to Exeter - I couldn't say no, could I!

National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133