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Jon ThompsonJon joined Devon Air Ambulance in March 2022 after several years working in distribution and logistics roles for both Royal Mail, and a supermarket chain. Having spent the pandemic ‘marooned’ away from the Westcountry, he was itching to get back to the Southwest and build a life in Devon doing something more interesting.

He is a qualified traditional wooden boatbuilder with, among other things, a deep interest in military history and a lifelong passion for aviation. At his initial interview to join DAA, he surprised his interviewers by knowing more about DAA’s Helicopters than they did! Although his own ambition to be a pilot has not yet been realised (never say never!), working for DAA does allow him the un-ending thrill of working around aircraft and seeing them fly at close quarters.

His role day to day, involves the management of DAA’s medical storerooms at the Airbases and HQ, the transport of equipment and medical products around the county, and carrying out and coordinating the running maintenance and safety assurance of most of DAA’s company vehicles (including the Critical Care Cars).

He also does a great deal of behind-the-scenes admin, including assisting with medical consumable procurement, extensive liaison with our medics and pilots, and providing logistical assistance to several of DAA’s other departments, especially Flight Ops, Facilities, and Fundraising. In his spare time, he enjoys the interests already mentioned, in addition to reading, walking, and photography, and can often be found at various airshows, museums and aviation events throughout the year.