We are partnered with Owens Organic Coffee® which has brought Crew's Brew - a bold and full-bodied coffee - to all of our high street charity shops and online.

At least £1 from every pack sold is donated to Devon Air Ambulance.

OwenCrew’s Brew coffee beans are grown by organic coffee farmers in Honduras and Peru and are 100% organic and Fairtrade certified arabica coffee beans that are a bold and fruity, medium-dark roasted coffee blend. The Crew’s Brew bean is roasted slightly darker to bring out notes of fruit, smoke and earth and is great for espresso brewing methods and as a filter coffee.  

Because the organic arabica beans are shade-grown at higher altitudes beneath the canopies of other trees and planting, such as bananas, it is a slower-ripening beans, and boasts a full flavour profile, without using herbicides, which are prohibited by organic standards. Instead, organic farmers aim to use the natural enemies of pests to control their numbers. 

The Devon Air Ambulance Crew’s Brew coffee produced by Owens Coffee is certified organic by the national Soil Association for full traceability. It is also Fairtrade certified, which not only guarantees a fair price is paid to the farmers and their workers for the beans, but it also provides an additional Fairtrade Premium for farmers to invest as they see fit. The Fairtrade certification is backed by a global organisation that offers high-quality advice, supports growth, and helps combat the impact of climate change. 

Want to try before you buy?

You can sample a cup of Crew's Brew yourself, initially at our St Marychurch shop for £2.50, or a tea for £2, or a tasty hot chocolate for £2.50.

Interested in trying out a bag of Crew’s Brew? Pop into any of our high street charity shops or pick up a bag online by visiting shopdaat.org.  

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