Devon Air Ambulance is funded wholly by the people of Devon. We are always humbled when we are chosen as the beneficiary of the many gifts left in wills, but we seldom know who plans to leave us a legacy.

However, of those few who have shared their legacy wishes with us, we were intrigued to hear about what it was that helped some of them to choose to continue to support our helicopters. We are sharing them here.

For generations to come

With no immediate dependants, my husband and I have decided to leave a large amount of our estate to a few charitable good causes that are close to our hearts. As an employee of Devon Air Ambulance, I see at first-hand the amazing work they do every day of the year, and the commitment and dedication of all the staff in providing this vital emergency service to people across Devon when they are most in need. We hope – when the time comes - our legacy will help in a small way to ensure DAA continues to operate for generations to come. Anon

For the whole community

I've left a gift to Devon Air Ambulance in my will because, after providing for immediate family, I wanted to leave something that will benefit the whole community. It feels good to know that at some point, hopefully some time off, I will have helped save someone's life, someone's loved one. Anon

For others like me

I owe my able bodied life to Devon Air Ambulance, so it's important that I make a contribution to the charity, so that it is still there to help others like me in the years ahead. Anon

Leave a lifeline in your will

A legacy can leave a lasting positive impact on those individuals, families and communities serve. 

Find out more about supporting Devon Air Ambulance in your Will

N.B the above image is from an airbase visit and does not feature any of the voices in this article.