We are very fortunate to receive incredibly generous donations to our shops from supporters across the county. By donating their pre-loved garments and accessories, shoes, books, DVDs and CDs and more, our supporters have specifically chosen to help keep Devon's Air Ambulances flying.

Those who donate to our 19 shops, which are based in communities across Devon, can feel confident that our retail teams are working hard to make the most of their kind donations and selling them at a price that will best support Devon's emergency aircraft. It is for this reason that we do not usually run sales in our shops at any time of year.

Why our Exmouth shop is running a rare an end-of-season event

For every item that is sold in our 19 shops (with the exception of our specialist format shops), we ensure that each garment has 4 weeks on one shop floor for a chance to be sold, before it is sent to one of a sister shop for a second chance to be sold within a 4-week period. 

If that garment does not sell within that 8-week period it is given a third opportunity to be sold in our Exmouth discount shop for just £3, £2, or £1. 

In the first 8 months of 2019, our Exmouth shop received 13,500 bags of garments (not to mention the 2,000 bags of books, CDs and DVDs) - that's 361 bags that went through the shop doors per week in just the first 37 weeks of the year. 

As you can imagine, that is a great deal of stock to move from the van, to the stockroom, where it is processed by our incredible team - including many volunteers, to get them ready for the shop floor and to our customers. Despite all of their incredible hard work, we always welcome more volunteers to help us keep replenishing the shelves. 

We have had a significant backlog of stock at our Exmouth shop that we would like our customers to benefit from, and as we are moving from the summer season into the cooler months, it is important that we make way for fresh autumn stock and create the best opportunity for donations to be sold, which is why for just one week, we made the decision to run a 50% off event at our Exmouth discount shop.

What this means for customers

Customers who shop at our Exmouth shop can feel confident that they are buying a quality item that is in good condition. They also have the opportunity to buy garments for a lot less, not only than the item would have cost originally when sold on the high street, but than a customer would ordinarily pay on a any charity shop floor.

Your last chance to bag some treasures

The Exmouth end-of-season event concludes on Sunday 15 September 2019, so if you're reading this before then there is still time for savvy shoppers to discover some incredible bargains, help support our helicopters and help intercept quality items before they are recycled.

All of the garments pictured on the picture to the right (with the exception of the shoes) were purchased by one happy Devon Air Ambulance staff member during the Exmouth end-of-season event.

We are always very grateful to our supporters for their kind donations. If you would like to pass on your pre-loved items to our shops then we continue to welcome them. Do take a look at our blog on the items we can and can't accept, which will help you to support us effectively.