Why do our volunteers, volunteer? These testimonials reveal a few of the reasons why so many people donate their time, energy and skills to Devon Air Ambulance.

Volunteer John D, Princetown

I volunteer for DAA because the helicopter came out to my grandad when he fell off the roof, though fortunately he didn’t need to be airlifted to hospital. I wanted to repay DAA for responding. I organise my own tractor run to raise money every October. I feel so proud knowing I am helping the helicopters stay in the air and helping them to save lives. I‘m a box collector and it’s fantastic meeting new people who are always so friendly!! I’d recommend volunteering for DAA.

Volunteer Jane I, Okehampton

I volunteer in the Okehampton shop because Devon Air Ambulance saved my life. In January 2016 I had a heart attack when out walking on Dartmoor and was taken to RD&E by the Air Ambulance. I wanted to do something that would say Thank You and to support them.

Volunteer Pete S, Totnes

For me it came down to wanting to use my time once retired in a way that was constructive and beneficial to the immediate area in which I lived. Box collecting is ideal for me as it doesn’t require a fixed commitment in time and schedule; I can fit it in with my current and future interests and hobbies. Volunteering is extremely rewarding as the air ambulance service is not limited to any age group, demographic or part of Devon. Anyone in the county can find themselves or one of their family in need, and it’s a pleasure to play a part in helping to support such a service.

Volunteer Jennifer E, Newton Abbot

After working full time for over 40 years I was more than happy to give a few hours a week to a charity. I wanted to give my time to an organisation that would help  regardless of gender, age, colour or creed. I’ve been a volunteer for over 13 years and still enjoy my shift in the Newton Abbot shop. No two days are the same and my fellow volunteers are great and the customers love our shop.

Volunteer Graham DF, Tavistock

Until I was airlifted off the moor I took little notice of the red helicopter I sometimes saw overhead. But were it not for that I would not be sharing this today! During my rehabilitation I suffered periods of anxiety and fell into depression, and being retired I did not have a lot to do with my time so I decided that I needed to be among other people. The 'helicopter shop' was about to open locally, so I decided to give it a go. Three years later, working two mornings a week fits in well to my retirement routine. I meet lots of people and I get the satisfaction that I am giving something back. Anxiety and depression are no more!

Volunteer David B, Tiverton

Besides feeling good about helping an organisation that helped me, I had no idea that volunteering would open my eyes to how many great folks there are ‘out there’ doing amazing selfless stuff, not only for DAAT, but countless other charities.

Find out more about some of the benefits of becoming a volunteer, or take a look at our 2018 infographic. Would you like to get on board as a volunteer? Contact us! We'd love to hear from you as there are many different roles you can get involved with.