CEG ESOL™ Fogging Solutions delivered by nebulisers are innovative full spectrum biological anti-pathogen systems that can be used across human and veterinary medicine sectors. They are used in pharmaceutical industry, the aviation industry, the food industry, and other production areas such as cold rooms, agriculture, and animal husbandry as well as in all public areas such as offices.

Keeping our clinical spaces clean

ESOL™ for Fogging is an environmentally friendly, safe, and fast acting antiviral spray suitable for any building space or vehicle.
It replaces traditional disinfectants and eliminates any concerns you may have surrounding the health and environmental effects of chlorine-based products.

This sanitiser is electrolysed water made with only salt, water, and electricity so it is not harmful to you or the environment.
With the ‘killing power’ of bleach, ESOL™ is capable of eradicating bacteria and viruses in under 10 seconds after contact.

They are also suitable for the disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems and for vehicle disinfection, e.g., of rescue and ambulance vehicles as well as transport and refrigerated vehicles.

We use them to enhance our Infection Prevention and Control (IP&C) measures to enhance our sanitising of not only our kit bags and medical equipment but also the inside of our Critical Care Cars. Maintaining high standards of IP&C plays a vital role in keeping our patient’s safe from possible cross infections when being treated by our team.

Tackling the challenges

Unlike large passenger airliners where there are clear divides between sensitive avionics and electronics, currently there is lack of good safety evidence to support the use of fogging nebulisers in the back of open cockpit aircraft like helicopters therefore they cannot be used inside our aircraft yet.

The fogging machines produce a dry mist of positively charged distilled water particles which break down viruses and bacteria on contact.

We use the machines as part of our weekly deep cleaning process where we can quickly and effectively sanitise surfaces inside our response car, our response bags and modules carried inside them, as well as equipment used to treat patients.

Bags and equipment are placed in a small greenhouse and within 5 minutes can be fully sanitised using these devices. Although these fogging machines cannot clean dirt off (we use clinical wipes for visible soiling) they can save us vital time in swiftly sanitising bags, equipment, and our cars.

A big thank you to South West Water who kindly donated the funds for us to be able to purchase this amazing piece of kit. Watch the video here.

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