Father of 10-year-old twins, Andy White, wrote to us recently to share an update on his sons who have both had rides in our helicopters. Here's his letter to us.

Last week I posted some letters addressed to Father Christmas at the North Pole. They were written by our very excited 10-year-old twins, Alex and Ben. Like children all around the country, the boys are eagerly looking forward to what Santa will bring them for Christmas. All in all, a scene that is being played out in millions of homes.

However, for us it’s something very special. When Ben was only 18 months old, he suddenly fell very ill with what was later to be diagnosed as pneumonia on both lungs. To compound the situation, we were snowed in and completely cut off. Without your amazing service, Ben would not be here to celebrate this or any other Christmas.

Alex too was airlifted a few years later after suffering a serious head injury at home.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could pass on our thanks to those in your team who will be selflessly giving up time with their own families this Christmas in order to help others like us.

It’s hard to imagine what Christmas would be like if you hadn’t been there to help.

Merry Christmas!

No one wants to be airlifted at Christmas, but the families of those who do need us grateful that we're there when we're needed. This year we've launched Lift A Loved One - our first Christmas appeal. Can you help give someone's loved one a lift with a gift to the campaign this Christmas?

Give a lift with a gift and lift a loved on

Little Ben and Alex, now 10, with their 'I was Airlifted' Ambrose Bears when they were younger.


The boys today: Ben on the left, Alex on the right.