There are many different ways to volunteer for Devon Air Ambulance – from working in our retail shops, to servicing our collection boxes and representing the charity at cheque presentations – but, what you might not realise, is that we also have a dedicated group of volunteer speakers who help raise awareness of the charity across the whole of Devon with their presentations and talks to a variety of local community and school groups.

Meeting people in person, telling them about the value of the charity in Devon and of our exciting developments, really does add a personal touch - so let us introduce you to a few of our speakers, past and present.

I worked in the hospitality industry both in this country and overseas. Whilst I don't have a medical background, I did spend a couple of years in HR setting up a new hospital in an oasis town in the Middle East but most of my life I have worked in hotels.

My last job was in Exeter and on my last day before retirement, I thought that the only thing I am going to miss is 'people' and knowing about Devon Air Ambulance I contacted them to see if there were any volunteering opportunities. In the last 8 years I have attended events, accepted cheques, looked after collection boxes and given talks to many different groups in the area. The most rewarding are probably the Primary School talks. Events are also a great place to spread the word about DAA and I often get to meet the crew members too. 

Volunteering has given me the opportunity to keep busy doing something really useful for the community. I am particularly appreciative of the support and friendliness of everyone at Devon Air Ambulance.

Interested in volunteering? Let us know!