Could our Christmas 2020 campaign video make a lifesaving difference to you or a loved one? Watch our Flight Before Christmas video narrated by Josh, one of our Critical Care Paramedics, to discover why we are there to care this Christmas and to lend your support.

The Flight Before Christmas

‘Twas the flight before Christmas  
And at the airbase 
The roters were whirring - 
The crew had to race. 

The heli, it glimmered 
In its smart suit of red 
As it lifted them clear, 
Then away they all sped. 

While down on the roads 
Through the chill winter air 
They saw folk driving home 
To show loved ones their care. 

In hamlets and villages, 
Cities and towns, 
All were preparing  
For the festive wind-down. 

The crew had called home, 
Wished their families goodnight; 
They had to stay, ready 
For a Christmas night flight… 

Then the phone had rung, 
An emergency mission; 
The pilot had sprang  
To fire the ignition. 

The team were all suited 
In red kit and gear, 
Their skills at the ready - 
Their mission was clear. 

So across winter skies,  
The air ambulance flew - 
A pilot, a doctor 
And paramedic too. 

To the aid of the patient 
Whose family waited, 
Eyes turned to the heavens, 
Tense, their breath bated. 

Swift and yet steady 
The crew they descended, 
Bringing life-saving care 
To the patient they tended. 

It’s thanks to you, our supporters, 
That we can attend 
The patients that need us: 
On you, we depend. 

We’re not just for Christmas: 
We’ll always be there. 
In times of uncertainty, 
We’re there to care. 

Helicopter in the snow

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