It was November 2003 and 18 year old Scott Binding was riding his 125cc motorbike between his workplace in Tiverton and his home in Cullompton when he was hit by a car from behind and shunted into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Scott hit the driver’s front wing then crashed into the windscreen before falling into the road. His injuries included a broken femur, broken wrist, broken ankle, fractured pelvis, fractured collar bone, bruised lungs and swelling on the brain. The incident was attended by Devon Air Ambulance and Scott was airlifted to Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Scott explains, “Fortunately I don't remember anything from the day of the accident which I think is due to the shock and my brain and body blocking it out. From one of the witnesses I learned that I was awake through it all. I was extremely fortunate that someone who stopped to help me saved my life by undoing my helmet strap which was stopping me being able to breath! I have a lot of people to thank for what they did that day.

“The original plan was for me to be in hospital for a minimum of 6 months. But I was only in hospital for about 7 weeks and luckily allowed home two days before Christmas day as my mum could look after me full-time.

“Nurses visited three times a day to change dressings and check I was doing ok and to help my mum care for me. I was unable to get out of bed unless I was lifted and carried by someone. I had hospital appointments every few weeks for x-rays and a couple of further operations.

“Thankfully I'm now ‘back to normal’ and, although it was four years after the accident before I could return to work, I have been working full-time ever since.”

Despite the injuries he sustained, Scott is still a fan of motorbikes and said, “I would love to get back on a motorbike again. However, my parents have said I'm not allowed and my wife, Jodie, would definitely prefer it if I didn't, so I think I’ll stick to four-wheels from now on!” 

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