We all love an action movie when the odds are stacked against the hero, who somehow beats those odds. Thankfully the Guinness World Skydive fundraiser on 25th July 2018 won't involve the challenges our heroes face in these 5 movie classics.

We've only linked to films that don't feature stressful situation-induced naughty words, but feel free to look the others up for some searing adrenaline action (if you consider the content age appropriate that is!). 

5. The Bucket List (2007)

Jack Nicholson's Billionaire and Morgan Freeman's car mechanic feature as two strangers thrown together in a hospital room for the terminally ill. They flout medical advice to pursue their life-long ambitions before their time is up - and skydiving makes the list. 

Strapped to their instructors, the two have very different approaches to the jump, which reveal the different ways they approach life - neither reassuring for their instructors. 

Best quote in the scene: 

Instructor: "Don't touch it, we are not in the drop zone yet, we could wind up in the.... aghrrrr!"

4. Moonraker (1979)

Roger Moore's 007 investigates the hijacking of an American space shuttle. In a climactic sequence, Bond wrestles villain Hugo Drax in a life-or-death mid-air struggle for a parachute as Bond attempts to thwart Drax's plans to destroy all human life on Earth. 

Best moment in the scene:

Jaws bites Bond's leg only for Bond to pull his chute, ripping him away and with it Jaws' chute pull. Jaws flaps comically in mid air.

3. Drop Zone (1994)

Wesley Snipes' US Marshal Pete Nessip seeks out Yancy Butler's expert skydiver, Jessie Crossman, whose crew he seeks to recruit for the Independence Day parachuting show in Washington. A dramatic group skydive sequence commences, revealing what happens in films when a parachute fails to deploy...

Best moment in the scene:

When Swoop goes after his friend who is forced to cut away from his chute. Professional skydivers strongly disapprove of this manouevre. 

2. Terminal Velocity (1994)

Not only is there a mid-air free fall car rescue, but Charlie Sheen's character must grapple with the bad guy in the driver's seat before he can unlock the boot to get the girl. 

Best quote of the scene:

"We finally got that tandem jump in!" says Charlie Sheen's character who has just rescued the heroine from the boot of a car that exploded upon impact having fallen from a plane.

1. Point Break (1991)

Naughty words have kindly been edited out by the thoughtful teacher who uses this video to teach his class about velocity and acceleration, so we've shared the link here. Keanu Reeve's Johnny Utah jettisons the plane - WITHOUT A PARACHUTE - to pursue Swayze's mad-guy, Bodhi.

Best moment of the scene:

Utah sneaks up on Swayze mid-air, with a gun, sans parachute, where they grapple until the last possible moment. 

We can reassure participants in this year's Guinness World Record Skydive in support of Devon Air Ambulance that the event is organised by professionals with safety at the heart of every jump, and precisely zero bad guys, sabotages chutes, or falling cars. 

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