Please note, this item was relevant to the period. South Molton shop has since returned to a regular high street charity shop and our ecommerce operations now take place from our Barnstaple store

Since the onset of Covid-19 hundreds of organisations have had to adapt and make significant changes to parts of their operation simply to survive. As you know, we never stand still when it comes to the continuous development of our life-saving service, or our focus on income generation. It is that desire to survive and to continue to provide for the people of Devon, that we too are diversifying, by launching not one, but two new ventures.

In these uncertain times, when footfall on the High Street is at an all-time low, looking at new opportunities is essential, especially as many retailers are concerned about how any further lockdowns may be detrimental to their business. Our charity shops are performing well but as many people choose to shop online, we have found success with our eBay Shop.

With this in mind, we are launching a second online shopping platform with Shopify from our South Molton premises. It has adequate space to run the operation and an experienced team of staff and volunteers who will be able to make it a great success. This new shopping channel will reach audiences we are not currently engaging with and will mean that the preloved range of donated goods kindly given by our supporters will be available to the those looking for a bargain in the remotest parts of Devon and far beyond. 

Our South Molton charity shop as you know it, will take on a completely new and different use and will become our very first ‘Community Zone’. You will be aware that our footprint in the community has always been one of the most important factors when keeping in touch with those we serve; the Community Zone will be a welcoming place where you can call in to say hello, pay for your lottery, deliver donations, talk to our charity ambassadors and maybe share your own experiences of the service and learn more about our vital work.

Income Generation Director, Caroline Creer, says:

With our funds severely affected due to Covid-19, we are pleased to be able to find new ways to generate income and engage with our supporters at the same time. We are excited and confident that our new Shopify channel and our new Community Zone will achieve both of these things and we are looking forward to welcoming the people of South Molton, who are hugely supportive of the charity and those from further afield in the coming weeks.”

As we continue to be faced with new challenges, we will continue to look for new ways to innovate throughout the charity thus ensuring that our service remains available to our patients when every second counts. We could not do this without your help, and we are grateful for the support you kindly give whether that be a monetary donation, by donating your unwanted items, giving your time or your expertise.

The new Community Zone is launching on Wednesday 14 October and will be welcoming visitors between 10am and 3pm daily during the Winter months (Closed Sunday).