Mike and Vera first became involved with DAA when they decided to raise funds for a local charity at their ruby wedding anniversary celebrations. At this special one-off event, surrounded by family and friends, they raised a fantastic £400. When they handed over their kind donation, they were asked if they would like to become DAA volunteers and they readily agreed. With a laptop in hand they began giving talks on behalf of DAA throughout Devon and continue to do so – as well as attending other fundraising events and assisting at Head Office.

Their 13 years' long service has seen many changes at Devon Air Ambulance – when they started in 2004, the focus was on raising awareness of the £2.5 million needed to operate our one leased helicopter, 5 days a week during daylight hours.  Things have changed considerably since then!

Mike has heard some bizarre questions over the years but one which particularly stood out was “Does the pilot wear a parachute?” Mike replied politely “No, he doesn’t - it wouldn’t instil confidence in the rest of the crew!”.

Mike has some words of advice for our new speakers. “You will always be nervous when entering the venue but never forget that the nice people you meet will be eager to hear your story. Be sure to thank the audience before you even begin.”

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