Devon Air Ambulance is welcoming its socially-conscious supporters to get involved in a different way to fundraise. 

Many of us know how to have fun online and want to use online activity, from livestreaming an event to competitive gaming, to raise funds for the causes we love.

A fun way to fundraise online

We have now signed up to Tiltify, the fundraising platform that helps the socially-conscious to creatively fundraise for charity.

Whether supporters are delivering a live cookery lesson or lecture, choreographing a dance routine, or running an epic gameathon, they can now fundraise and support Devon's Air Ambulance service through platforms YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and Discord by inviting online donations through Tiltify.

Online fundraising has moved beyond the realm of celebrity influencers. Today, anyone with something valuable and fun to share with their community can raise funds through their online fundraising activities. Live-streamed fundraisers could be inspired by anything  from celebrating a birthday, to a corporate fundraiser, or it could be athletic or college focused. All supporters need to do is choose their preferred social channel and an activity that will attract support, and drum up some hype in advance of and during their activity.

Let the games begin!

Online gamers have been ahead of the curve for a while by using their live streaming platforms to help raise funds for their preferred charity. Typically, by signing up to Tiltify, members of the gaming community would simply add a donate button to their usual streaming activity. Those with greater followings would attract more donations.

Beyond gaming, fundraisers can serve any activity they like to their audience to raise funds, such as through a physical challenge, cookery show, comedy or talent event - the options are endless. 

Livestreaming is interactive, which means fundraisers can respond to supporters' comments, requests and questions live and encourage support by setting specific targets. There are limitless opportunities to be creative.

One of the helpful things about linking fundraising activity through from the chosen platform to Tiltify and selecting Devon Air Ambulance to champion, is that donors can donate directly - the fundraiser doesn't have to do any money management or admin at all.

Getting started

Signing up to Tiltify is very straightforward. Why not sign up to support us today and make a difference?

Supporters can manage their activity anywhere they like and in multiple languages and currencies with scope to personalise their page however they like. Fundraisers can even set personal targets across a range of fundraising activities if they want to. Find our how to set up your fundraiser profile on Tiltify (4m 55s)

Virtual and online fundraising is an increasingly popular way to raise funds for your favourite causes. Find out more about ways to support us.