Getting together with friends is often fun and few of us need an excuse to do so, but if you are looking for an opportunity to rally the social circle, then getting them on board with your fundraiser is as good a reason as any to get together. 

There are plenty of ways to bring your favourite people together to have fun while raising funds for your charity. Here are just a few of them.

1. Get match ready

A sponsored sports match between your mates, your local team, or a neighbouring community is a great way to foster some good-natured rivalry in support of charity. Whether your sport is football, basketball, cricket or netball - or maybe a less conventional sport such as dodgeball, there are all sorts of opportunities to bring together a team to play, to have fun and to raise funds. Charge for participation or get your crowds to make a donation.

Commando Challenge team carrying one of their team mates2. Team work makes the dream work

There are all sorts of events that you can sign up to as an individual that can be even more fun when you involve a team.

Gritty and challenging events like the Tough Mudder, or Devon Air Ambulance's own annual Royal Marines Commando Challenge present great opportunities to foster camaraderie and team spirit - and all for a good cause.

3. Rally your mates

There are many established 'tours' to which you can sign up in support of your nominated charity. Equally, many people decide to plan their own road trip, whether in a car or a rikshaw, taking in the sites regionally, nationally or internationally.

This activity is great for taking your supporters on a journey with you by sharing your adventures on a blog, which helps to keep your supporters engaged and donating to your cause.

4. Buddies that lunch

Everyone loves a banquet, a picnic, lunch, dinner or feast - or even a coffee morning. Usually we enjoy such social activities as part of a special occasion - a birthday or anniversary or festive time of year, perhaps. But sometimes getting people together - friends and neighbours - in the spirit of community can generate a great deal of positivity, delicious food, as well as funds for charity.

5. Get quizzy with it

Gentle competitiveness in the context of a pub or other community setting is well illustrated by the ever-popular quiz. 

Quizzes are straightforward to set up and can be enhanced with the provision of a good compere, refreshments and the company of friends. Charge for entry, invite the donation of prizes and make money from ‘extras’ such as a bar or snacks.

6. Sing from the same hymn sheet 

Many of us find singing an uplifting and unifying activity, and choirs are a ever popular way to socialise and relax. Choirs lends themselves well to seasonal activity in particular and the Christmas period is a wonderful opportunity to bring people together and raise funds for charity. Whether you are singing in a special location or in a town centre, all you need is some collection tins and some practice, and your audience is more than happy to have their spirits lifted in return for a donation to charity.

So get together with friends, come up with some ideas about what you all like doing and how you might raise funds. Do you have an event idea in mind that you'd like to share? If so we would love to support you with your activity.

Contact us with your event idea today!