Fun is - quite literally - at the core of fundraising. Fundraisers choose an activity that will be fun for them to do, but one person's marathon is another person's nightmare, so the trick - if you want to involve more people in a fundraising activity - is to come up with an activity that people will definitely want to be a part of. Here are a few ideas to get the (disco) ball rolling...

multicoloured balloons1. Party on!

Everyone has a birthday they can celebrate, but there are also many other occasions to enjoy, such as a wedding anniversary, a reunion or even an event in memory of someone.

All you need to do to raise funds at a get together is to ask us for one or more of our collection boxes and invite donations from your guests. If you are hosting a knees up, then all you need to do is bring the fun with your choice of activities, catering and entertainment! Happy guests are likely to feel generous and receptive to supporting your charity, so show them a great time!

pampering is a great way to raise funds2. Spoil-er alert

Life can be very busy and for many of us it can be difficult to find the time to relax and unwind. That's why a pamper night is likely to be a big hit for those keen to take the weight off, kick back and relax for a few joined-up hours. 

It's up to you whether you bring in a professional pamperer (a beautician, masseur or manicurist for instance, or someone who can let you enjoy trying out various beauty products for purchase), or whether you just provide the refreshments and some face masks. Beyond the possible hosting costs, inviting guests to donate to your collection box is a great way to raise funds for your charity.

famil fun days are a great way to raise funds for charity 3. Family fun

Family fun days are very popular activities among those looking to keep kids occupied over weekends and school holidays in particular. 

Bring together some stalls, some refreshments stands, a band or two and a bouncy castle (and hope for nice weather if you’re not indoors) and you have yourself a fun fundraising event that involves the local community. Raise funds through bucket collections, donations from stallholders and any other activities that families will enjoy participating in.

throw a ball or disco in support of y our charity4. Have a ball

For evening and weekend fun, discos, dances and balls are fantastic attractions. You can be really creative with how you run such activities. Silent discos, for instance, have become increasingly popular in recent times, and nostalgic 90s themed 'rave' nights have made an ironic return to many venues. With a ball you could choose something refined such as a black and white ball, or maybe something a lot more casual like a wellies and ball gowns knees up. 

take an opportunity to dress up in fancy dress to raise funds5. Fancy that

Almost any event or activity can be enhanced with fancy dress, whether you're planning a road trip with friends, doing a sponsored bike ride or run, or simply choosing a day at the office on which everyone wears Hawaiian shirts. Fancy dress is an entertaining and simple way to encourage people to get involved in the spirit of charity fundraising and turns a run-of-the mill day into something a bit special.

Involve the community in your fundraising efforts6. Involve the community

Involve more people in your fundraising by welcoming the community on board. Community craft fairs, fetes, quiz nights, festivals, shows and carnivals may take a bit more organisation, but can be supported by more people. If you are successful your event might even become a regular fixture. 

These are just a few ideas to help you to get started with your fun fundraiser, but chatting with family, friends and your community may also inspire some creative thinking. Do you have an idea for a fundraising event you'd like some support with?

Let us know! We'd love to hear from you.