We are very fortunate to be supported by hundreds of fundraisers each year, many of whom have incredible creative skills that they lend to raising funds toward keeping Devon’s Air Ambulances flying.

If you are a creative person or you would like to become more creative, we have some fun and inventive ideas to get involved with.

Get busy with a draw-a-thon1. Get creative with a draw-a-thon

If you are handy with a pen, paintbrush or pencil, find a pleasant and possibly public space in which to draw and raise funds. You can work to commission, seeking drawing ideas in advance from your supporters in exchange for their sponsorship sums. They get an original piece of art, you raise funds for your charity.

Get crafty at your local craft fair2. Get crafty at your local craft fair 

Of course, there are many among us who are makers and there are a great many fantastic gifts and objects to make, in which case it might be worth thinking about selling your wares at a local craft fair. Why not buddy up with a crafty friend and share a stall? Donate part of your income.

Bake to make money3. Bake to make money

Bake sales are a popular and straightforward way to raise funds for charity and they are quick to organise and get involved in. Almost every work place, school or community group welcomes an offering of delicious eats and treats in exchange for some change to charity.

Get busy with a knit-a-thon or draw-a-thon4. Have a knit and a natter with friends

If you are nimble with some knitting needles, get together with fellow knitters to create an item or items between you to sell to raise funds for your chosen charity. A knit and a natter can be a very social event with lots of opportunities for fun and fellowship.

Flower arranging is a blooming good idea5. Flower arranging is a blooming good idea

If your tools are botanical, then get involved with your local fetes, fairs and country shows to help raise funds for charity. Run an event and charge for entry - there are many enthusiastic flower fans in communities across Devon. 

Get flash for a fashion show6. Get flash for a fashion show

Charity fashion shows in schools or community groups are a wonderful opportunity to get creative making costumes, stage settings, and organising music, refreshments and lighting. Funds are raised from entry-fees and refreshments and whatever parallel activities you have in place.

Put on a concert or show7. Put on a concert or show

Whether it’s a pantomime, a musical or a carol concert, providing local entertainment to towns and villages throughout the year is a great way not only to raise funds through ticket, programme and refreshment sales, but a wonderful opportunity to build community.

Bring the culture with an exhibition8. Bring the culture with an exhibition

Art exhibitions are an inspiring way to raise funds, not only through a possible entry fee, but also through the sale of the artwork. Artists might be happy to donate a percentage of their fee for their work, or they might be willing to donate pieces for sale to a charity auction.

How do I get started?

Have a think about the creative pursuit you enjoy doing the most. Perhaps get together with likeminded people to talk about what is possible, what is fun and what will help raise the most funds for charity.

We can help you too. Simply send us your creative fundraising idea using our events form and we will do what we can to support your event. Got an idea already? Tell us about your event today!