Few people regret feeling fitter and healthier, because the benefits of physical activity are many, from higher energy levels to a more positive state of mind thanks to those exercise endorphins.

If you would like to fundraise for charity by undertaking a physical challenge, then these ideas are good starting points. Take a look!

Run in support of Devon Air AmbulanceGet into the running

Running is probably the most popular physical exercise, in part because of the simplicity of it: all you need is yourself and the road (and a pair of trainers that aren't going to hurt after a few paces). 

No matter where you live, there is always an opportunity to run - either on your own or as part of a group. Couch to 5k groups are very helpful and supportive for the beginner runner, and often participating in such a group helps to give runners the confidence they need to sign up to fundraiser runs. There are fundraisers for runners of all levels - find the one that suits you and then let us know so we can support you!

Swim in support of Devon Air AmbulanceGo swimmingly

Swimming is a fantastic all-round exercise and a popular way to fundraise; but not everyone needs to swim the British Channel to be a good fundraiser.

Whether you are challenging yourself on distance, endurance or on speed, there is a swimming challenge for every type of swimmer, and swimming societies the country over provide plenty of fundraising opportunities for swimmers interested in challenging themselves. 

Cycle in support of Devon Air AmbulancePedal power

As with swimming, cycling enthusiasts may challenge themselves across distances, speed and endurance. There are regular local, regional and national as well as international cycling events to get involved with to test different levels of experience. 

The Devon Rotarium specifically supports Devon Air Ambulance with its annual event, but individuals or groups can challenge themselves with their own fundraisers, for example, by planning to cycle a particular routes, either solo or with friends. 

Hike in support of Devon Air AmbulanceTake a hike

Devon is rich in walks and areas of outstanding natural beauty, not least the famous Two Moors Way - Devon's coast-to-coast path - and the South West Coastal Path. Every year, both tours attract hundreds of hikers, some of whom carry their kit with them and camp en route, others who take a gentler pace and stop off at guest houses and B & Bs along the way. 

Hiking attracts walkers of all ages, groups and individuals. There are organised walking groups and events throughout the year, so there's plenty of opportunity to take the first step. (Sneak peek: look out for a brand new 2020 event soon to be launched by Devon Air Ambulance...)

Do a triathlon in support of Devon Air AmbulanceTri your best

For confident runners, swimmers and cyclists - and all-round fit people - the triathlon is the physical feat to go for. It is unusual to undertake a triathlon that is not an existing organised event, but there’s nothing to stop you setting your own goals.

Rigorous training is fundamental to such an undertaking but there are triathlon events across Devon throughout the year to sign up to. 

Horseride in support of Devon Air AmbulanceGet into the saddle

Devon Air Ambulance is well-supported by the equestrian community. Horse enthusiasts and rural communities who are well served by the charity across the county are some of our most committed fundraisers, embarking on shows, races and hacks in support of Devon's two emergency aircraft. 

There are a number of existing equestrian groups, clubs and organisations that run fundraisers in support of the air ambulances, but new fundraisers and events are always welcome, so get together with members of your horsey community to get something planned!

In 2018 it cost 7.5 million to keep Devon's Air Ambulances flying and every penny from our incredible supporters helps. We're always enthusiastic about supporting our fundraisers and anyone who wants to get active in support of Devon's Air Ambulances. If you have a fundraising idea that you'd like support with then we'd love to hear from you