1. Sponsored Zombi-thon

Ever imagined what a zombie apocalypse would look like in your office? If the answer is “yes” then here is your chance to witness it first-hand. Encourage all members of the team to dress up as a zombie and commit to an event which requires the members to take it in turns to do a specific exercise for the day (for example, why don’t you see how 

many squats the office can do throughout the day? Or see how far you can cycle or row on a machine?). Get sponsored, get fit, and see your office at its scariest!

2. Pumpkin Carving Competition

This one’s easy. Encourage the team to get involved in a pumpkin carving competition whereby the best pumpkin wins! (Don’t forget to charge a small fee for entry!). All the team needs to do is grab a pumpkin and get creative with their carving. Then it’s time for a vote! You can setup a poll using Survey Monkey and send it around the team to get their individual votes. The pumpkin with the most votes wins!

3. Halloween Bake Off

Halloween gives you the chance to get adventurous with your baking! Sweet or savoury – baked goods accepted only! Invite everyone in the team to enter their goods into a competition whereby the tastiest item wins! In order to keep the competition unbiased, invite an independent judge to decide who the winner should be! You can then sell the baked goods to colleagues, friends, customers, and neighbouring companies to raise funds for the charity.

4. Count the…

This one is really simple. All you need to do is fill a container full of something awful (well maybe not too awful as you will have to handle/count whatever it is as it goes in) and ask people to guess the number in the container. Charge a £1 or 50p entry fee and run the competition for a few weeks. The closest person to guessing the correct amount is the winner!

5. Pumpkin Smashing Contest

Now this one can get really messy so you might want to do this outside! Invite everyone to bring in a pumpkin and mark out a line on the floor where people should stand. Then one at a time invite them to fire a pumpkin from the line and mark where it lands. The furthest pumpkin from the line is the winner! Don’t forget that you will have to clean up after so make sure you keep it within a specific area, and maybe put some tarpaulin down!

Do you have an idea for a fundraising event? Why not tell us about it? We might be able to help!