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Harry's Lucky Escape

Posted by on January 17th 2017 in General charity, Patients

Harry's Lucky Escape

Christmas was very different for one Exwick family this year but, fortunately, with a very happy ending.

With all the excitement of being on school holiday and Father Christmas due in just a few days, 8-year old Harry Tansley from Exwick was happy to be out scooting and skating along Exmouth seafront with his dad, his older brother Ben and their friend, Will. 

They were having a lovely time until, for no known reason, Harry lost his balance on his scooter and fell – with the handlebar of his scooter catching Harry’s throat as he toppled. The effect was immediate; Harry had a...

Community landing site takes off in East Prawle

Posted by on January 9th 2017 in Operational

Community landing site takes off in East Prawle

If you hear a helicopter at night it’s quite possible it will be Devon’s Air Ambulance which is now flying into the hours of darkness; in fact up to midnight every day.

There are currently 25 fully operational landing sites up and running, with over a 100 further night landing sites in developmen.  There will soon also be one in East Prawle.

The Charity funded service has been working hard with communities across Devon since January 2016 to build a network of community night landing sites.  These sites are pre surveyed and have state of the art lighting technology with remote switching...

Exmouth Band announce Devon Air Ambulance as 2017's Charity of the Year

Posted by on January 5th 2017 in Charity of the year, Events, Fundraising

Exmouth Band announce Devon Air Ambulance as 2017's Charity of the Year

Exmouth Town Concert band are delighted to announce their charity of the year for 2017 will be Devon Air Ambulance (DAA).

In 2017 Devon Air Ambulance will be celebrating 25 years of service to the county, this has only been made possible by the fantastic support DAA receives from the people, businesses and communities of Devon. It costs £5.5million every year to keep Devon’s Air Ambulances flying and they are extremely proud to be independent of Government and National Lottery Funding; this safeguards the service for the long-term and ensures they can deliver what the people of Devon tell them they...

Goodbye 2016. Hello Silver Anniversary.

Posted by on January 1st 2017 in Fundraising, General charity

Goodbye 2016. Hello Silver Anniversary.

2016 was a busy year for Devon Air Ambulance - not to mention the rest of the world! Missed some of our big news? Not to worry! Let’s take a look back at some of our key moments in 2016 but more importantly, find out more about our exciting Say it with Silver plans, which will mark Devon Air Ambulance's 25th anniversary of life-saving service.


Say it with Silver

The 27th August 2017 will mark 25 years since our very first mission back in 1992, when the Devon Air Ambulance service was launched, flying 5 days per week. Fundraising for an air...

Free fireworks display and New Year’s Eve party in support of Devon Air Ambulance

Posted by on December 21st 2016 in Events, Fundraising, General charity

Free fireworks display and New Year’s Eve party in support of Devon Air Ambulance

Party-goers from Devon looking for a New Year’s Eve event to attend are invited to The Jubilee Inn, near South Molton, for a night of celebrations including free fireworks’ display at midnight and music and dancing throughout the evening to help raise funds for Devon Air Ambulance (DAA).

Claire Sellar-Elliott, who co-owns the country inn, restaurant and boutique hotel at West Anstey, with Executive Chef, Sam Salway, said: “We’re holding the event on December 31 to help say ‘thank you’ to all our regular customers and are also hoping that in return for the free entertainment, which...

Devon Air Ambulance benefits from Sanctuary’s donation

Posted by on December 14th 2016 in Events, Fundraising

Devon Air Ambulance benefits from Sanctuary’s donation

Devon Air Ambulance was just one of a number of charities to benefit from a generous donation following the closure and sale of Sanctuary Lodge, the Freemason’s home in Moretonhampstead since 1932.

As he presented DAA’s Debbie Gregory with a cheque for £5,000 Lodge Trustee Harry James explained his reason for nominating his local Air Ambulance, “In May 2014 I had need of the Air Ambulance after a rather nasty accident at my home in North Bovey.  I lost two fingers in a battle with a circular saw and I’ll never forget the relief I felt knowing that such...

APPGAA Reception hosted at Houses of Parliament

Posted by on December 13th 2016 in Events, General charity, General discussion, Operational

APPGAA Air Ambulance Reception

A reception held by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Air Ambulances (APPGAA) took place on the House of Commons Terrace, Westminster on 28 November 2016. The event, hosted by Chairman of the APPGAA Jim Fitzpatrick MP for Poplar and Limehouse, gave members of both Houses of Parliament the opportunity to meet with representatives from air ambulance charities and ambulance services.

Jim introduced Rob Wilson MP, Minister for Social Society who thanked the APPGAA for all their hard work before addressing the audience.  Rob highlighted the excellent outcome of the Autumn Statement last week where air ambulances were a major beneficiary...

Pilot's update

Posted by on December 7th 2016 in Operational

Captain Richie Tate

As one of the pilots who work for Devon Air Ambulance I thought it would be helpful to share some information with everyone about what progress we have made to date with our landing sites, and some of the challenges we face as pilots when flying at night.

I thought you might also be interested to learn about how our training has been going and some of the real benefits of having our new community landing sites ready to go ‘live’ – something which will really help us to save lives after dark across as many of our communities as possible.


Devon Air Ambulance to receive a an incredbile £16,000 from a record-breaking year for the Exeter Round Table

Posted by on December 7th 2016 in Events, Fundraising

Devon Air Ambulance to receive a an incredbile £16,000 from a record-breaking year for the Exeter Round Table

The 38th annual Exeter Round Table charity Firework event was a huge success attracting a crowd of over 8600 visitors and smashing all records by raising £32,000 for local good causes and charities.

Matt Church, Event lead organiser said: “We are extremely proud of the event and would like to thank everyone involved for their efforts in making this occasion such a success. I am thrilled for the club [Exeter Round Table] that we have managed to raise so much this year. Our members are all volunteers and this is a real credit to them”.

Fundraising Director, Caroline Creer,...

Christmas wishes for Devon Air Ambulance at The Jubilee Inn

Posted by on December 6th 2016 in Events, Fundraising

Christmas wishes for Devon Air Ambulance at The Jubilee Inn

The Jubilee Inn at West Anstey near South Molton is inviting people to write their wishes on a cardboard star in return for a charitable donation to Devon Air Ambulance (DAA) from December 5 (2016) until Twelfth Night in January.

Claire Sellar-Elliott, co-owner of the country inn with gastropub-style grub and B&B rooms, said “We will place our Christmas wishing tree in our bar area as we thought it would be a great way to raise money for Devon Air Ambulance, which is a wonderful charity that provides urgent medical assistance to people in Devon.


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