Devon Air Ambulance (DAA) Lottery 

Social Responsibility in Gambling – Policy Document 

Devon Air Ambulance in-house Lottery is well-supported by over 45,000 members who in 2023 contributed over £2.4 million (76 pence in every £1 goes straight back into the service). We are very grateful to our incredible supporters. 

DAA is committed to ensuring that the lottery draw is operated in a secure, fair and socially responsible way and to endorse responsible gambling amongst our members.

Safer gambling or social responsibility is all about protecting people from gambling-related harm. The Gambling Commission regulates gambling in the public interest. This document sets out the approach that DAA adopts to ensure we approach gambling activities in a socially responsible way.

The regulatory framework introduced by the Gambling Act 2005, is based on the following licensing objectives. 

1. Our responsibility to our supporters

DAA is registered with the Gambling Commission and we are members of the Lotteries Council. Our membership to the latter enables DAA to regularly contribute to the Responsible Gambling Trust to fund research and risk of gambling both face to face and on-line. DAA is committed to promoting a responsible approach to gambling. 

2. Prevention of any crime or disorder:

When an individual joins our weekly lottery DAA check: 

  1. The individual is aged 16 or over
  2. The individual is a resident in the United Kingdom
  3. Restrict limits on each entry to a maximum of 20 per week
  4. Retain the right to cancel any membership should we suspect any criminal activity
  5. Ensure that the database used is regulated and password protected and only accessible by authorised members of staff

3. Conducted in a fair and open way:

DAA will ensure that:

  1. Rules of play are accessible via our website and are fair
  2. What prizes are available
  3. All members have access to their playing history
  4. Promotional material is clear and not misleading
  5. Results made public via our social media channels, website and local papers
  6. Lottery software supplier is regulated and uses RNG (random number generator) in line with the Gambling Commission regulations

4. Vulnerable persons and children: 

Age verification policy  

  1. Gambling underage is an offence. DAA has the right to withhold any prizes to persons under the age of 16 in line with regulations. DAA Lottery team are trained to be aware of this stipulation and will re-act accordingly. If prove is unable to be given that they are 16 years and over, all winnings will be forfeited. All DAA staff have full training to ask for appropriate and acceptable identification.  

Vulnerable persons:

  1. To ensure that our marketing does not appeal to children or young persons with careful attention being paid to the content and design
  2. All DAA staff/volunteers are fully trained on how to detect vulnerability and will decline professionally the offer of support
  3. Literature is supplied to that individual when detected. Risks are: elderly, mentally disabled or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Self-Exclusion – See DAA Self-exclusion policy 
Promotion of social responsibility in gambling

The DAA website provides contact details and via other appropriate literature to GamCare and other relevant organisations.

If a member wishes to cancel their lottery membership altogether or have any queries, they are advised to  contact our Lottery department on 01392 469886 or email [email protected]   
Our lottery is promoted by Devon Air Ambulance Trust, registered with the Gambling Commission, number 000-0005032-N-308647-001. Responsible person: Dave Hawes, Finance and Infrastructure Director. Charity No. 1077998

Updated October 2023