We have been working with communities throughout Devon over several years to establish a network of over 200 Community Landing Sites (CLSs) to support our night flying operations. These sites have enabled us to reach a great many patients during the hours of darkness.

In 2023 our Flight Operations team completed an extensive review commissioned by the Safety Committee of our night flying operations.

This pilot-led review examined pilot training and night flying since DAA began operating during the hours of darkness, and the new advances in technology on the aircraft such as the night vision goggles (NVG) used by pilots in flight.

In consultation with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the Safety Committee was confident in assessing the feasibility of landing at Community Landing Sites without the use of a lighting column at the site, therefore we have been able to recommend crews can land at pre-surveyed sites without using the lighting column, but whilst using night vision goggles.

Future nighttime operations will therefore be able to land at un-surveyed sites and crews will have the flexibility to land at our CLS’s without lighting but under NVG. 

The CLS network remains a crucial part of our operational ability to reach our patients. Our review provides the opportunity to reach even more communities and establish CLS’s without lights in areas of Devon we have yet to reach. 

Community Landing Sites Map

The continuing role of Community Landing Sites 

The importance of the CLSs in developing nighttime operations and the CLS network has been invaluable.

The network continues to provide pre-surveyed and managed sites that crews can choose to land at when tasked, which is a more efficient process than landing at un-surveyed sites. In this way communities continue to play a vital role. 

For further information on the network please contact Graham Coates, Devon Air Ambulance's Landing Site Manager on 01392 466666 or you email Graham direct at [email protected].