Devon Air Ambulance has once again received a two-star accreditation as an Outstanding Company to work for.    

recent staff feedback and engagement survey undertaken by Best Companies has resulted in the charity moving up in its sector rankings in comparison to last year’s results.

Devon Air Ambulance is a growing organisation and constitutes over 170 members of staff that work in diverse fields from charity retail and fundraising to the critical care team and air crew. Though roles are extremely varied, it’s crucial that all staff feel well supported and heard, which is why opportunities like the Best Companies survey, alongside our other channels for staff feedback and engagement, are a great way for us to assess and reflect upon our progress as a people-focused organisation.

Best companies state that an engaged workforce is more motivated and productive because people take pride in what they are doing and have faith in those around them. This leads to better working relationships, greater collaboration and, ultimately, a more successful organisation. Every great engagement journey starts by asking employees how they really feel. But it is those organisations that unlock the value from the answers they provide that will have the ability to make change happen.  

The data that Devon Air Ambulance receives from Best Companies will help the charity to further explore what they do well and enable them to identify any areas for change, to ensure the organisation continues to create a great environment to work in. 

The survey consists of several questions based on how employees are feeling about their workplace and showed positive results for DAA versus last year:

  • Out of the Top 100 Companies in the Southwest - scored 41 (45 in 2022)
  • Out of the Top 100 mid-sized companies in the whole of the UK - scored 71 (92 in 2022)
  • Out of the Top 50 Charities in the whole of the UK – scored 14 (15 in 2022) 

Kimberly Jones, Head of People, Talent & Culture at Devon Air Ambulance said: 

Measuring our engagement is important to help us retain and attract exceptional people who help Devon Air Ambulance in its mission of transforming time-critical care through prevention, treatment and recovery for the people of Devon. The survey provides us with valuable feedback from staff to help us make positive improvements in the working environment and helps to ensure Devon Air Ambulance is a great place to work. We are very pleased to have improved in our sector rankings this year.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of working at Devon Air Ambulance explore the vacancies.