Conquer the iconic 13.1-mile route through the beautiful streets of Britain’s Ocean City. Challenge yourself and experience the thrill of crossing the finish line with thousands of fellow runners. Minimum participation age is 17 years old. 

We have a number of marathon spaces available, so get in touch to secure your space.

Or pick the 10k or 5k run

We also have spaces secured for shorter 10k and 5k run. Find the race that suits you!

Minimum sponsorship for a half marathon is £50 per runner, and £30 for 10k or 5k runners. 

To enter

Visit the Plymouth Half marathon website and enter the relevant discount code below:

  • Plymouth 5k - DAAT20235k
  • Plymouth 10k - DAAT202310K
  • Plymouth Half - DAAT2023HALF 

If you find the free spaces fun out, contact [email protected] and we'll add you to our waiting list for more!