By leaving a gift in your Will to Devon Air Ambulance, you're supporting Devon's communities. As a charity, Devon Air Ambulance depends on the support of people like you whose gifts help us to bring advanced time-critical care to our patients, every day of the year.

Your gift, no matter the size, will help our crews get to those who need them, by land or by air. Yours is a gift that will always be remembered in the lives of those we help, their friends, families and communities.

A gift in your will is a gift to our future

It’s a difficult subject, but thinking about your will can offer peace of mind to your family and friends, and can help them to carry out your wishes. It’s never too late to make a valuable difference to others when you leave a legacy in your will to Devon Air Ambulance.

Leaving a legacy that will make a positive impact on the lives of others is also a fantastic way to celebrate your life and ensure that an essential service is available for generations to come.

  • All gifts and legacies left to registered charities are free from Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax. You can help others by leaving a lasting legacy - and save tax - by leaving us a gift
  • Legacies and donations are essential in maintaining and improving our essential service
  • Legacies are a wonderful opportunity to do something positive in your lifetime to make an invaluable contribution to our work in the future. 

We understand that we only receive this special donation because of someone’s loss. That’s why we always endeavour to respond to these sorts of donations, and the families making them, with sensitivity, care and compassion.

If it were not for our founder's own story of personal loss then Devon Air Ambulance wouldn't exist. Read her story here.

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