We are often asked this question, so why not turn it into a creative lesson?

The simple answer to the question: a colour is chosen that can be seen and recognised. A little online research will show you that other Air Ambulances use a variety of colours.

Use this line drawing of the air ambulance to help. If you like you can invert the image if you would like the helicopter to face the other way. 

  • Which colours and designs do other helicopters have?
  • Try out different colours to see which are easily seen. Do they look good?
  • Try more than one colour to create a recognisable design or dynamic look.
  • The armed forces have helicopters. What colours do they use? A) Grey so they are not easily seen or recognised, or you can try out camouflage.
  • What colours, designs or logos do police helicopters use?
  • Design a helicopter in your school’s colours.
  • Design a helicopter that explores colours, logos, and different motifs.

Pictured above: One of two Devon Air Ambulances at a community landing site.