We're incredibly grateful to our supporters for their generous donations to our shops.

As many of our supporters will know, we also have two speciality 'vintage and variety' shops which stock more unusual items that are a little bit more unusual, ranging from garments and accessories to books, toys and ornaments. 

Below is some guidance about the kinds of vintage items we can and can't accept at our Dartmouth and Topsham Vintage & Variety stores.

Yes please Sorry, we can't sell 
  • Handmade items, knitted or sewn. We can sell without care labels if garments are of good vintage quality.
  • Vintage labels include ones like St Michaels, Jacques Vert, Hobbs. We particularly welcome vintage menswear like tweed jackets.
  • We can't sell anything with moth holes, tears and unremovable stains. We do not sell fur.
  • Accessories are very welcome items and can include costume jewellery. 
  • Shoes are good if they are vintage quality or a vintage brand
  • Vintage reading glasses, hats, scarves, evening gloves, bags and belts are great.
  • We can't accept fur or ivory
  • Vintage tea sets bone china or retro) are popular
  • Vintage bric-a-brac usually has the maker stamped on the base
  • Vintage or unusual glass or engraved glass, coloured glass, milk glass or paperweights
  • Vintage cutlery sets in boxes
  • Vintage brush and vanity sets
  • Good quality brass, silver plate and pewter is usually stamped.
  • Anything quirky or interesting, cases and baskets
  • Badly cracked or chipped china
  • small figures, cheap and chalky with no stamp or maker's mark
  • Discoloured tupperware
  • Modern royal memorabilia
  • Elastic bands on silver cutlery (as this causes damage)
  • Odd modern glasses
  • Collectable picture plates
  • Thimbles
  • Glass and porcelain bells
  • Badly eroded brass and silver plate
  • Vintage books - hardback with sleeves or leather with detailed bindings. Vintage paperback such as Penguin Classics
  • Vintage children's books - ladybird, annuals
  • Vintage maps
  • Vintage magazines only if in good condition
  • All records
  • Stickers placed on vintage books damage the paper and leather, Gift Aid stickers please tuck in or secure with elastic band
  • Damaged books
  • Newspapers
  • Modern maps or A-Z road maps
  • Modern manuals (1990+)
  • Dictionaries
  • Tourist guide books
  • Any good quality mirrors, modern or vintage
  • Vintage frames, paintings and prints
  • Modern prints or frames
  • Embroidered and lace tablecloths and napkins
  • Bedspreads, wool blankets, knitted and crochet blankets
  • Sewing patterns
  • Fabric and bedding if bright, patterned and vintage
  • Craft items - wool, cotton, knitting needles, beads, buttons, zips, etc.
  • Large stains/tears/damage
  • Curtains 
  • Children's toys if vintage, wooden, dollhouse furniture, dolls
  • All puzzles and games if complete and good quality
  • No sellotape on boxes or elastic bands

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