Airbase & HQ

Futureproofing our service for the people of Devon

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We're driven by a commitment to continuously improve our service to patients and become resilient to future changes.

A new airbase and HQ will help to support the needs of our patients and help us to deliver our vision and mission.

The annual rise in demand for our service, the increased complexities of patient needs, and the capacity to deliver time-critical care to the 1.2 million people of Devon and Devon's visitors is an increasing challenge.

We have outgrown our existing facilities at our current Exeter location, and we are future-proofing our vital service by developing a new combined Airbase & Head Office to accommodate our people and to create the right environment from which to serve the people of Devon, who make our service possible.

The current issues

Devon Air Ambulance is 30 years old (2022) and now has two aircraft and two Critical Care Cars, and our service has increased to deliver advanced time-critical care to patients until 2am. 

As our service has grown and evolved, our requirements within the operational airbase have changed. We need to be able to adapt to growth and create the infrastructure that is suitable to manage our service and support our patients well into the future.

Review the current challenges by interacting with the graphic below.

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