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Over the years, South West Water has been a great supporter of Devon Air Ambulance and has proudly supported the charity with an annual donation of around £5,600. This regular financial support has enabled us to maintain its vital life-saving work across Devon and the South West. But for their latest project an additional £3,400 was needed to make it possible. Fortunately, South West Water’s new Neighbourhood Fund stepped in to help.

Innovation and continuous development is close to our hearts and we recently approached South West Water to see if they would like to play a major part in the introduction of a brand new environmentally friendly cleaning system. Although relatively new to the healthcare sector, it has been tried and tested with positive results by two other air ambulance charities.

The system is supplied by the Global Ecology Group which specialises in ecologically friendly solutions to killing germs. This aligns to Devon Air Ambulance’s ethos of trying to minimise the harm to our environment by using fewer chemicals.

This new technology uses an electrochemically activated solution. Essentially, water with a small amount of sodium chloride (salt) added which is subject to electrolysis, meaning that when it meets viruses or bacteria, it causes their cell membrane to burst, exterminating the cell.

Green tech solutions

The system takes the electrochemically activated water solution and, through nebulisation, creates mist that is so fine, that no moisture is created. That mist is pumped through a pipe onto equipment and surfaces and will be used on board our two rapid response Critical Care Cars, and as soon as final test results are in, hopefully on board our helicopters too. The system will also be used throughout the two DAA airbases. As the mist is ‘dry’ no additional drying methods are required and the speed of application means that extra time is available to be ready to respond.

Jo Ecroyd, Director of Customer Service at South West Water, said:

Here at South West Water we believe we have a unique role to play in supporting the lives of people and the places they love for generations to come. Devon Air Ambulance provides a vital and life-saving role in our region, and we’re delighted that our donation is being used to purchase this essential equipment.

Tracy Owen, DAA Supporter Engagement Office for Business & Lottery commented:

Everyone at Devon Air Ambulance is incredibly grateful to South West Water which has enabled us to bring this new method of electrochemical cleaning to fruition. Without their generosity and support we may not have been able to introduce this environmentally-friendly technology to the service quite so quickly. It will mean that we are able to continue to safeguard our patients and staff, not just during the current pandemic, but long into the future.

Devon Air Ambulance is supported by many businesses and organisations across Devon in many different ways. Some offer financial support and others offer their resources, time or services to assist the charity.

If you think there is a way in which you can help, please contact Tracy Owen at [email protected].

Find out more about the South West Water Neighbourhood Fund

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance is already using the electrochemical system in their critical care cars

Essex and Herts Air Ambulance is already using the Electrochemical System in their Critical Care Cars