Since the launch in September 2001, Devon Air Ambulance’s weekly Lottery has attracted 40,000 members who check in weekly to see if their number is one of the lucky ones.

Today the grand figure is being celebrated by the lottery team who have had the pleasure of phoning the lucky top prize winner each week over the years to tell them they have won.

Thanks to the loyal members, during the last 18 years lottery sales have equated to a staggering £22 million!

The Lottery is one of the Charity’s four main income streams, together with fundraising, donations, legacy donations, and retail.

Members sign up for one or more lucky numbers costing just £1 each per week. On average 76p from every £1 entry is donated back to the Charity. The remainder covers the prizes and administration costs.

With a first prize of £1,350, two second prizes of £135 and 10 additional prizes of £50, there are lots of opportunities for prospective winners every week.

These prizes certainly make a difference to the winners, but the real winners are the patients the service helps.

Fundraising Manager, Tracy Owen, says:

In 2018 it cost £7.5 million to keep Devon’s Air Ambulances flying. Last year our Lottery members contributed an amazing £2m, showing they truly make a difference and a significant contribution towards saving lives. 40k members is certainly a landmark worth celebrating.

She continues:

As a Charity that is proud to be 100% independent of Government funding, our members and supporters truly do make a difference to helping save lives in their communities.

Interested in becoming a member of the Devon Air Ambulance lottery? Find out more about it

Devon Air Ambulance crew members at Eaglescott