Have a look at the various helicopters (with the later addition of Critical Care Cars) that have helped our Critical Care Crews to assist our patients over the years! See our helicopter timeline

Below are some interesting facts about our operations, helicopters... and their pilots in 2023.

In 2023, there were almost three thousand landings by our aircraft at incidents in Devon and the surrounding area. That figure includes training flights, and sometimes a mission can include several take off and touch-downs.

In 2023 we attended around 25 patients every week on average. 

In 2023 we flew a total of 797 hours, which means in the past two years we have flown almost to the moon in distance!


Fun fact! The most expensive part on G-DASS in the Main Gearbox: a new one costs £725,000 and it needs to be replaced or overhauled every 8 to 9 years - one of the many reasons why your continued support is so appreciated. 

For more information about our helicopters, visit our Vision, Mission and Values page

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