Here are some interesting facts about our operations, helicopters... and their pilots in 2017.

In 2017, there were nearly three and a half thousand landings by our aircraft in Devon and in the surrounding area when required.

This figure relates to the number of times our aircraft touched down. For example, on a typical job we would take off and land four time: from our base, on scene with a patient, at hospital, then back at base.

These figures illustrate how efficiently our helicopters are able to traverse the county to attend our patients.
In 2017 we attended around
19 patients every week.
In 2017, our aircrew spent an average of 2 hours every day in the skies. When they're not flying, crews are undertaking various duties including simulation training and development with our mentoring doctors.
Between our two aircraft, our aircrews spent the equivalent of a month in Devon's skies in 2017.
It's important that our pilots feel comfortable in their work, and black was the go-to sock colour of choice for the majority of them in 2017!