Have a look at the various helicopters (with the later addition of Critical Care Cars) that have helped our Critical Care Crews to assist our patients over the years! See our helicopter timeline

Below are some interesting facts about our operations, helicopters... and their pilots in 2021.

In 2021, there were over 3 thousand landings by our aircraft at incidents in Devon and the surrounding area. That figure includes training flights, and sometimes a mission can include several take off and touch-downs.

3290total landings at incidents in 2021
1191 patients assisted in 2021

In 2021 we attended around 23 patients every week on average (the previous year it was more like 16). 

Between our two aircraft, our aircrews spent the equivalent of over 40 days in Devon's skies in 2021

973 hours combined flying time in 2021 which is over 40 days in the air
half way around the world in flying distance in 2021

Combined flying distance at average speed: 128,455 miles... which is half way around the world!

A minimum Community Landing Site landing strip is 55 metres long...

Based on the number of landings in 2021, our aircraft covered the equivalent of 122 miles in landings alone.

That's the same distance as from Exeter to Jersey!


a minimum community landing site landing stri pis 55 metres long

Our pilots favourite snacks are doughnuts, cookies and mince pies at Christmas

Fun fact! Our pilots' favourite year-round snacks are doughnuts, cookies and mince pies at Christmas!.

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