Players of our charity lottery help to make a significant impact on our ability to provide vital lifesaving services to those in need.  

By playing our lottery for just £1 per week, you are helping to support our regular income stream, allowing us to plan for our future and sustain our operational activity.

  • Our top cash prize is £1,350 so if you fancy a flutter why not sign up to play? Or if you are already a member you might even decide to upgrade your membership in the following ways: 
    Securely and easily on-line
  • By chatting with one of our events or door-to-door canvassers  
  • Calling our Lottery Team on 01392 466666 (option 3)
  • Or by popping a cheque in the post

How playing our lottery helps

  • Players provide a steady income source: Regular contributions from lottery players like you provide a predictable and consistent source of funding for us. This financial stability enables us to allocate resources, plan projects and further enhance our capabilities. 
  • Helps us with long-term planning: With a dependable income stream, we can make strategic plans. This might include expanding services, improving facilities, investing in advanced equipment, and training for both our staff and clinical teams. Having the financial certainty helps us to set realistic goals and work towards achieving them. 
  • Enables us to provide an emergency response: By contributing to play the charity lottery, you play a crucial role in ensuring that our crews are ready to respond promptly to those who may be critically ill and injured and in need of our advanced medical care. Whether it is attending a road traffic collision, somebody suffering a cardiac arrest or another traumatic incident, your support directly impacts the charity's ability to be there when it matters most. 
  • Makes an impact on your community: As a charity lottery player, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals who share a commitment to making a positive difference. Your collective efforts amplify the impact of Devon Air Ambulance, allowing it to continue to serve the people of Devon and beyond.
  • It's a win-win opportunity: Of course, our charity lottery not only benefits the organisation but also offers you a chance to win one of the 13 cash prizes awarded every Friday. The potential for winning adds an element of excitement and reward to your involvement.

We would like to thank all our lottery players for their wonderful contribution. Your participation as a player in our charity lottery is instrumental in sustaining our operations, positively impacting the lives of the patients and the communities we serve.

By committing just £1 per week, you contribute to a larger collective effort that enables the future growth and continued success of Devon Air Ambulance.

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