I decided to Volunteer for DAA after the helicopter came out to my grandad when he fell off the garage roof at home! Thankfully he wasn’t airlifted as he went in a land ambulance.  After this event I thought what can I do to try and pay them back for the flight they made to Princetown, Dartmoor and back?

So firstly, I decided to organise a Tractor run, which I organise in October anyway and have done for 4 years now, this involves mainly vintage tractors meeting in Princetown on Dartmoor. We do a 30-35 mile road tractor run, return to base for lunch and a raffle and all proceeds are donated to DAA. 

Following this I saw that DAA were looking for a volunteer to box collect in Tavistock- I thought, this is perfect!! I could do this, it would be an ideal way to try and pay back for the flight they made. Not only that but I work in Tavistock so I could do it along side my usual work. 

The most important thing to me is you can meet new people and it gives me a great sense of achievement volunteering for a charity like DAA. I am also involved in going to local shows representing DAA and very much enjoy talking to the members of public about the charity and the stories they have to share. 

If you are thinking about volunteering for DAA i would definitely recommend it. They are a great charity, always look after you and you can help such a big life saving charity. It gets you out meeting new people etc it’s great. 
I wouldn’t change it for the world and I'm so glad I made that enquiry.

Volunteer with us!