Devon Air Ambulance’s flexible working policy helps to support different ways of working. It can be particularly helpful to office-based colleagues; both those who find that they are more productive working from home, and those who prefer to work in a communal setting - as well as for those who like to integrate both ways of working into their working day or week.

To help make the Exeter-based head office a pleasant environment in which to work and meet, plant-loving colleagues have sourced a beautiful array of indoor plants to enhance the office setting.

The presence of plants in a workspace is well-known to help increase productivity and reduce stress, as well as to improve the overall aesthetic of the space, while diminishing noise pollution and enhancing oxygen levels. The wellbeing benefits of the plants are already being felt by staff and visitors who use the space.

The fresh greenery was made possible by Combe Garden Centre in Honiton who kindly gave the charity a 30% discount on some of the plants we assembled.

Bud Houseplants in Plymouth donated a lovely Asparagus fern, while staff and members of the public also donated plants, cuttings and decorative pots to help rejuvenate the space and bring life to a part of the office that colleagues felt deserved a little more love.

Catherine Moss-Crump, Patient Services Manager and Executive Assistant to the Operations Director, and owner of her own plant-focused Instagram page, is the project visionary.

We’re very happy with our ‘wall of plants’. They cheer up our working space and make a lovely focal point. We’re very grateful to the generosity of the businesses, supporters and fellow workers who kindly helped us to build our mini herbarium and fill empty corners with flashes of soothing greenery. Returning to the office post-Covid hasn’t been easy for everyone, and making the setting as welcoming as we can for staff and visitors makes a real difference to our shared sense of wellbeing.

Head of Facilities, Jonathan Osborne, said:

“Ensuring an investment in People, Talent and Culture helps to support our broader strategic aims and having a pleasant working environment is part of achieving that. Enhancing a sense of wellbeing in a workplace is part of caring for our immediate environment, our people and therefore the organisation as a whole.”

We continue to welcome offerings contact [email protected] if you would like to find a space for a plant that perhaps has got a little too big or would do well in a new location.