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When Nick Crooks learned that his young son Noah had been involved in an accident and needed treatment by an aircrew from Devon Air Ambulance, he feared the worst.  
Nick said, “Receiving a phone call to say your son has been knocked off his bike by a car is an experience we wouldn’t wish on any parent. Driving to the scene of that incident, not knowing how badly your child has been hurt is a sickening feeling I never want to experience again. Cradling your child at the scene, reassuring them that everything is going to be ok, when you have no idea yourself to the extent of their injuries, is a white lie I hope I never have to tell again.” 
All these thoughts were running through Nick’s head when his 10-year-old son, Noah, was involved in an accident this summer. 

A dramatic turn of events

Noah had been on his way to play football with friends in the local park when he was hit by a car and knocked off his bike. As he flew over the car bonnet, he landed on his back. As two of his friends ran to call for help, one stayed with Noah as he lay on the ground. 
Nick and his wife, Kate, both rushed to the scene and reassured Noah that help was on its way.  
Kate continued, “And then the Devon Air Ambulance crew arrived, and things suddenly became less bleak. The crew were amazing. Their professionalism, decisiveness and reassurance immediately put our minds at ease. We learned that Noah had been unconscious briefly after the impact and, coupled with the damage to the car and to Noah’s helmet, the aircrew decided to take him to Bristol Children’s Hospital for further tests. I was so relieved to learn that I could go in the helicopter with Noah to hospital.” 
On arrival at Bristol Children’s Hospital, Noah had CT scans and X-rays where, by amazing good fortune, results thankfully revealed that his injuries were largely superficial. He had suffered abrasions and nasty bruising to his back but, incredibly, landing on the football in his backpack had actually protected him. And, without doubt, his cycle helmet, which was broken front AND back, had clearly protected his head. 

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Relief and good fortune

Noah’s parents were so relieved, “The doctors stressed that things could have been so different if Noah hadn’t been wearing his cycle helmet,” explained Kate. “He might well have suffered a serious brain injury, or even worse, it just doesn’t bear thinking about it. The whole incident has been a real lesson to us all – and we’re so keen now to promote safe cycling!”

Noah spent the night in hospital, kept in for observation and, once back home in his village, he learned he had become quite the celebrity. His friends all came to see him, many bearing chocolates and cards, all relieved to learn that he was going to be just fine.

As the family prepare for the Christmas season, they are all thankful that Noah had the help he needed from Devon Air Ambulance this summer.  Nick concluded,

Please thank everyone involved and let the aircrew know we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts. They truly are incredible individuals and we will never forget their kindness and support that day. 

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Noah's family is also raising awareness about the importance of wearing a cycle helmet. To help, why not print out this fantastic colouring in sheet on our young people's page or share this poster?