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A site for young people, parents, teachers and group leaders to learn about and get involved in supporting Devon Air Ambulance

As you might imagine, there are hundreds of stories we can tell that come from our patients, fundraisers, team members, shops and volunteers, as well as the many other people who are affected by or who support the charity.

Below are some items from our News page. Some of these are articles that have been written specifically for the press, so the press can more broadly distribute our stories to their readers or viewers. 

The press is always looking for new content and stories to tell, so it's important for us to make it as easy as possible for them to choose ours to share. 

We are always keen to raise awareness about the charity and create positive opportunities for people to get 'on board' and support our patients. The press plays an important role in helping that to happen.

Example press releases

Scan-read the following news items and choose a news story that most appeals to you.

Questions about the press release

  1. What do you notice about how the information has been organised?
  2. What job is the title doing?
  3. How has the writer altered the pace of the item?
  4. Is this item entertaining, persuasive, informative or instructional? Find evidence to support your claim.
  5. Has the writer use any creative language techniques to better engage the reader?
  6. What is important about the item's conclusion?
  7. How would you describe the tone of the press release? 

Writing task: write your own press release

Using some of the techniques and observations you have made about your chosen press release, now write a 300-350 word news item of your own. Remember, you are trying convey the information succinctly and effectively so the journalist or editor picks your story to run with from their inbox.

Here is the information you must include:

  • Your school has raised £500 for Devon Air Ambulance
  • You raised this by doing [fundraising activity of your choice]
  • Details about the event
  • A quote from one of the student who organised the event
  • A quote from one of the other people involved (a parent, a teacher, an audience member perhaps)
  • Why Devon Air Ambulance was chosen as the charity for your school
  • Any other information editors may find useful in a separate set of bullet points

To help, you can read more about how to write a press release by visiting this useful Press Dispensary site, which has lots of useful hints, tips and guidance.

Extension task:

Can you bring your imaginary fundraising idea into reality?