This article was published in 2019

Those keen to support the UK’s air ambulance services may be aware there is currently a popular petition circulating on social media that asks Government to fully fund the country’s air ambulances like other emergency services.

Whilst we appreciate the sentiment behind this petition, we firmly believe it is not in patients' best interests. As we have seen over the last decade, government-funded services face significant cuts in funding alongside policy and priorities set by the government of the day. Many aspects of our essential services have been commercialised.

The UK Air Ambulance sector has an excellent aviation safety record thanks to our ability to put patients and safety at the heart of our operations. Subject to the same constraints as our other essential services, we would face a stark choice between cutting services or cutting quality. Neither is acceptable or necessary.  

How to help support your Air Ambulances

Our service is run by and for the people of Devon who fund it. We are accountable to them and their needs come first. To ensure we are here for current and future generations we need security, stability and control of our assets.

If you are keen to support our service, then there are a number of ways to lend your help, from volunteering, remembering us in your will and fundraising, to supporting our shops by donating or shopping, becoming a member of our lottery, or by making a donation.

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